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The Best Training Tracks in Florida

One-Mile Dirt Track

The dirt track at Oak Ridge Training Center is meticulously maintained for the safety and comfort of racehorses. The sandy limestone base and six-inch clay-sand cushion allow the track to drain quickly and provide the flexibility to adjust the surface depth by harrowing. The track is checked, and re-graded quarterly to maintain a consistent and level training surface. It is also harrowed daily before opening for training, and during the winter season, the track is harrowed again midway through the morning to optimize workouts and provide a smooth, even surface. At the end of the training period each day, the track is harrowed, sealed, and watered to preserve moisture. This attention to detail and diligent maintenance of the track make Oak Ridge the best Thoroughbred training center in Florida.
Other track features include:

  • Open Monday through Saturday from 5 AM to 12 PM (October-April) and 5 AM to 11 AM (May-September)
  • 60-foot width and 6” of sand and red clay mix
  • 35 LED lamp posts for early morning training
  • Two climate-controlled viewing stands
  • Regulation-sized 6-stall starting gate on the track
  • Oak Ridge Outrider on the track for the safety of all horses and riders
The 7/8th mile turf track for race horse training at Oak Ridge Training Center

7/8-Mile Turf Course

At Oak Ridge, both dirt and turf horses can train at the same facility. Our world-class turf course is impeccably maintained and is fertilized twice yearly to ensure soil composition is perfect for new growth.

The turf track is open Wednesdays.

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